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Shanghai Automotive Leasing Co., Ltd. is a registered by the relevant state departments of enterprises. Of the car rental companies with good credit, excellent service and a number of enterprises to establish a long-term relations of cooperation. We sincerely welcome friends from all walks of life come to visit, study, business negotiations. Main car rental; driver on behalf of the driver; airport shuttle; chartered car; car beauty, replacement has come so far the company has more than 100 vehicles, the company vehicles range, can provide customers with: Mercedes-Benz series, Mercedes-Benz S600 ,, Passat Sedan, Mercedes-Benz 15, Buick G8, Buick Road respect 7 luxury business, 15 Mercedes-Benz business, 15 Toyota Business, 17 JMC Transit, 19 anti-Coaster, 22 Toyota Coaster, 35, 39, 47 , 51, 55 large bus and other models. With a professional team of drivers, user-friendly management of the company to develop the system, and strive to quickly copy the simplified car rental procedures for customers to save valuable time. Reliable, up to have a group of experienced management personnel and professional and skilled drivers, strict management system, improve the tracking service after the lease, to provide you with confidence in the vehicle so that you enjoy the warm, thoughtful service. You only need a phone call, the driver will be at your requested time, the designated location, to provide convenient shuttle service: "honest and trustworthy, Yikeweizun" is the company stick to the business philosophy. "All for the customer, the customer is our all," a principle of service! Enjoy the car rental services, let you rent assured, sitting comfortable, happy to play, I believe you will enjoy our service to you at the same time will get more development!

Happy car rental, accompanied by the up, you give us the trust and trust, up to you is guaranteed car rental hotline: 021-60907269 Website

Toyota Alpha 7 auger car

Pick-up service Shuttle servic

The United States imported original GMC RV 7-seater

Pick-up service Pick-up servic

New Buick GL8 7 commercial vehicles

Pick-up service Pick-up servic

Benz business car 7-seater

Vehicle Name: Mercedes Viano (

Air conditioning bus 33-53 bus

Vehicle Name: Big Bus (33-53 s

Toyota Camry 5 sedan

Vehicle Name: Toyota Camry (5)

Buick commercial vehicle 7 commercial vehicles

Buick brand MPV models "B

Toyota sea lions 14-18 seat

Toyota sea lion brand new HIAC

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