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Tourism is the enjoyment of this. However, the unchanging mode and the stereotyped lines of traditional tourism have become the focus of tourists' complaints. The market needs innovative tourism products that are more suitable for Chinese people. Subversion of traditional tourism has become a necessity. With people's constant travel awareness and tourism market improvement, travel agencies often can not play according to their own wishes and interests of the role of positioning must also change, from "products" to "provide services" into ,, tourism into After the travel agency era, tourists' self-awareness will be more and more respected and satisfied. "This is a manifestation of the maturity of the tourism market,". Of the car to provide a variety of models by car rental car rental, 5 -55 vehicles and a variety of professional travel drivers for your entire journey free guide, intimate like a friend to accompany you to play, car rental travel customer service to your professional Travel advice and including air tickets, attractions, the hotel's booking inquiries Customer Service Hotline: 18616974448

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