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Of the car rental is a professional exhibition in Shanghai, conference car service providers, we have the most comprehensive vehicle source integration, for Shanghai's major exhibitions, meetings and conferences to provide professional business car solutions.

         In the course of years of development, the car rental network has trained a large number of professional car rental consultants for Shanghai Convention and Exhibition, holiday celebrations, business meetings, VIP reception to provide professional car programs and vehicle management, Shanghai Convention and Exhibition, reception, business car of****.

In this information age, the world is a global village, and it is no longer far away in the world. The cooperation between enterprises and enterprises is no longer confined to the region. Enterprises themselves can also set up branches or offices in different places. This led to a variety of large and small remote conference. Some of these meetings are more formal and some are smaller in size, which determines that the conference car will change accordingly. However, companies can never buy vehicles for these special meetings, how to solve business vehicles has become a problem.

       Shanghai Tatsu as a professional car rental, vehicle comprehensiveness, service convenience, the use of diversity, can meet the meeting of various car needs. After deciding on the number of guests in the conference and the level of guests attending the meeting, we plan the number of vehicles and the number of vehicles to be rented. The other vehicles can be rented. The enterprises do not have to worry about the temporary conference car and leave this to the professionals. It is obviously much more sensible. Only need a E-mail + phone 18616974448 up to rent a car can solve the problem.

Various meetings and events were held smoothly. Apart from the smart design team, the capable executive team, the coordination of the venues and facilities, the driving arrangements and the safety of the trips after the pre-conference meeting were also not neglected.


Conference car Notes:

Car service for the conference activities, the car up to conclude the need to focus on the car,

1. Before the meeting to determine the use of models in advance, the passenger reception specifications standard models, such as the use of large quantities of pre-controlled vehicles to protect the car needs.

2. Advance list, flight, number to the vehicle service provider, requiring the fleet to consider the number of vehicles and models according to the flight time;

3. Each meeting before the reception of the car, to advance (half an hour ~ 1 hour) to the designated location to wait, and that the license plate number and model;

4. Cancellation and delay of flights should be promptly contacted with vehicle service providers to facilitate the adjustment of vehicles and reduce unnecessary expenses;

5 car meeting requirements driver's attitude is good, in time for the guests to open the door, get on and off to help guests take luggage, get off the car check whether the guests lost items;

6. Meeting car, requiring all clean inside and outside the car, air-conditioned normal car safety index to normal;

7. According to the number of the main party and VIP, prepare 2 ~ 3 cars as a mobile, easy to temporary car, at the conference hotel on call;

8. At the end of the meeting, take full account of traffic congestion and weather reasons, to the vehicle 15 to 30 minutes in advance to reach the designated location.

OK to do this, your meetings, activities will be safe and smooth on the trip, to organize meetings, activities to better protect.

Second, car standards

Vehicles currently on the market can be divided into: large cars, mid-size cars, small cars, and all kinds of high-Zhong Didang type cars can be based on the number of teams to rationalize the model.

Big tourist bus

Such as: its multi-brand bus Jinlong, Yutong, youth, etc., 55 -33 various models for you to choose vehicles equipped with high back soft chairs, air conditioning, ** sound, LCD TV, ABS.

Medium-sized car

Such as: Toyota Series Coaster, sea lions, Transit, etc. 25 -12 various models of vehicles equipped with high-back soft chairs, air conditioning, sound **.

3, Small car

Such as: all kinds of brand Mercedes-Benz cars. BMW, Volkswagen Audi, Buick and other series with a 5-seat -7, with about 2 years of age to be used for reception of VIP, VIP, leadership, etc., according to the requirements of the meeting with the car

Of course, for a meeting, the activities of the process there may be many aspects of the process is not too familiar with the process is not sure to get users, the car service can also be delivered to the same venue as the car.

Different conference activities require different vehicle planning. Different passenger configurations also require different models. Customers only need to inform their service needs and basic information to obtain high-quality and professional solutions.

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