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2018 Spring Festival Chengdu car rental car Sichuan Buick business day cost?


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2018 Spring Festival holidays approaching, many of my friends have started planning to drive with their families to drive by car, usually a family travel between 4-6 people, then the car what model is better? Apart from the economical car, many of my friends choose Commercial vehicles, large space and high comfort, where nine one three outdoor Xiaobian to introduce the Spring Festival in 2018, Chengdu, car rental car West Buick business day cost?

Buick business has become a favorite of the public one of the models, this business car is indeed relatively high cost, sitting inside the car can feel good comfort, and this car no matter whether it is to buy a car or a car rental price is not very Expensive, the general consumer level, rent a MAGOTAN, Camry prices, but to the car can sit more people.

2018 Spring Festival in Chengdu Car rent by car Sichuan Buick business day cost is how much ?? Chengdu car market now has three Buick commercial vehicles 7, of which the first paragraph is out of the ordinary Lu Bu ordinary Buick business, the second paragraph is Deformation of the so-called deformation Buick Bucks business, and then the third paragraph is now just out of the 2.0T off-road version Buick business.

Although all are called Buick business, are seven, but the price is very different. Common, with more Buick business is the first paragraph, the car purchase price of 200,000, rent 400-500 yuan / day, but if it is the case of holidays, then the price will rise, especially in the spring This car season, the car price to reach 550-650 yuan / day, of course, if it is scheduled in advance, rent ten days and above, the price is negotiable with the rental company. This car deposit needs 15000 yuan / Taiwan, if it is in accordance with the ten-day billing, about to pay when the car to pay 20000 yuan.

The second paragraph is now more commercial vehicles, it seems to be a little high-end atmosphere, the car usually rent 550-600 yuan / day, the Spring Festival to raise the price to 600-650 yuan / day, the deposit needs 20,000 yuan / Taiwan, according to ten days of billing, when the car to advance 26,000 yuan or so. The third paragraph is now used in a relatively small style, because the car just came out soon, buy a high price, of course, rent is not cheap, the car usually rent 700-750 yuan / day, if Is the Spring Festival costs up to 800 yuan / day, the deposit is 25,000 yuan / set, according to the number of days you can figure out how much you need to prepare a car rental.

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