Shanghai dida car rental

In signing the lease contract, we must note the following points:


⑴ should know the car's day limit mileage and beyond the limit after the billing standards. According to the situation (conditions, rent, service items, etc.) weighed and compared their respective comprehensive conditions.

(2) In order to prevent the accidental failing to return the car in time, it is also necessary to carefully understand the charging provisions of the renewal lease and lease overtime so as to avoid any disagreement with the leasing company afterwards.

⑶ Carefully understand the lease company's commitment to fully enjoy the due rights.

⑷ sign a contract ** is a content to fill in the inspection car, which is the process of mutual recognition of the car condition. This process involves re-certification of the car, so be sure to take it seriously. First of all, from the appearance of the vehicle to be checked, such as body scratches, lights are complete, the lock is normal. Then open the cover to check the condition of the coolant, oil and battery. After no abnormalities, enter the cab, check the running status of the fuel gauge, brake and air conditioner, and test drive to determine the basic condition of the vehicle. For some models of special features and usage, should consult the rental company clearly.

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