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Rent a car to rent purchasing


To rent and purchase different from the traditional car rental business, to rent purchasing is the customer (individual or business) to the Financial Leasing Co., Ltd. made the purchase of vehicles, through

Rent a car to rent purchasing flow chart

Rent a car to rent purchasing flow chart

After the leasing company audits its qualification, it signs a contract with the leasing company and pays the down payment. The leasing company leases the customer's selected vehicle to the customer. During the contract period, the vehicle is registered under the name of the leasing company and the property right is owned by the leasing company. The customer shall pay the rent on a monthly basis. After the contract expires, the leasing company transfers the vehicle to the customer and the property rights belong to the customer. Leasing companies to provide rental period of 3 years to rent purchasing business solutions, customers can choose according to their needs different models to rent purchasing

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