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Drive with daily rent


Driving with daily rent refers to the continuous rental period of 30 days (excluding 30 days) with the driver to provide full driver service, and the customer does not drive during the rental period of a car model; driving with daily rent Vehicle rental according to "day", each "day" by 8 hours; each car group (models) have the corresponding "daily mileage limit" standard, single car rental period "daily mileage limit" can be accumulated Calculation, such as customers, such as the end of the car, "the cumulative mileage" exceeds the limit, will refer to "Super km charges" to pay the company the corresponding cost of the kilometer; at the same time, such as the daily time of the car there was a delay , Will also refer to the "overtime charges" to pay the corresponding cumulative overtime costs. Rent with driving daily rental already includes fuel costs, customers do not have to bear the extra cost of refueling during use;

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