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Toyota sea lions 14-18 seat


Toyota sea lion brand new HIACE, the performance and equipment have been fully upgraded, comfort, safety and so have a higher grade leap, allowing you to enjoy the fun business trip experience. Li Zhen ** new HIACE to superior quality, up to rent a car in Shanghai business reception 7-15 people recommend the use of models, Toyota Sea Lion Business car reception car can not only provide you with *** luxury The large space, the most comfortable and easy ride to enjoy. Now up to 18616974448 car rental to bring you a different experience of luxury and luxury. Open the business car ** trip it!

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Daily rent / Yuan Hongqiao Airport - city / pick up / send Pudong Airport - city / pick / send

Toyota Sea Lion 2016 luxury section 12-17 seat

Vehicles are new cars within two years,

Drivers are more than 5 years driving age,

Have a wealth of reception experience,

Meet the reception needs of different passengers


800 yuan

(Including 8 hours and 100 public)

Overtime 50 yuan / hour.

5 yuan / km

400 yuan / time 450 yuan / time

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