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Buick commercial vehicle 7 commercial vehicles


Buick brand MPV models "Business" boutique models of commercial vehicles, both commercial and private use MPV for domestic ** popular MPV, the company flagship model to the business reception

Model Type Status Description Picture (The picture is color selection, the model quotation is subject to the model) Daily / Yuan Hongqiao Airport - City / Pickup / Delivery Pudong Airport - City / Pickup / Delivery

Buick GL8 classic models

Vehicles are two years old car age,

Drivers are more than 5 years driving age,

Has a wealth of reception experience to meet the reception needs of different passengers


650 yuan (including 8 hours 100 km use)

Overtime 50 yuan / hour. 5 yuan / km

350 yuan / time 400 yuan / time

, Conference and exhibition services, airport transfer affordable, self-driving on behalf of the car can be,

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