Shanghai dida car rental

Toyota Camry 5 sedan


Vehicle Name: Toyota Camry (5)

The basic cost: 650 yuan / day (8 hours / 100 km)

Super hundred kilometers: 5 yuan / km

Super eight hours: 50 yuan / hour

Fees include: driver's salary, petrol fee, insurance fee

Additional fees: parking fees and tolls

Long-distance charter: price concessions

  Toyota Camry since its inception in 1982, the average every minute there is a new car owner choose Camry. Over the past 31 years, all previous Camry companies have been leading the way and won the trust of 16 million car owners around the world to become the truly global mid-range business reception saloon. Nowadays, consumers have a very high follow-up to outstanding design and good overall quality Degree, the recent listing of the iPhone X, before the Adi coconut shoes and other items are so, as for the auto industry, the car's predecessor model Daoshi can not say there is too much sense of design at all, but the introduction of a whole new generation of models, Let it both these two elements, it is the new eighth generation Camry. As China's first domestic model under TNGA architecture, Toyota's eighth-generation Camry changes are disruptive, new production technology, new body structure, new design language, new engine series, the new gearbox , As a fully re-developed a new generation of products, a very thorough replacement, the eighth generation of the new Camry is about to purchase, so stay tuned Shanghai.

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