Shanghai dida car rental

Air conditioning bus 33-53 bus


Vehicle Name: Big Bus (33-53 seats)

Basic cost: 1100/1500 yuan (8 hours / 100 kilometers)

Super hundred kilometers: 8 yuan / km

Super eight hours: 80 yuan / hour

Fees include: driver's salary, petrol fee, insurance fee

Additional fees: Parking fees and tolls

Long-distance charter: price concessions

Shanghai's up to rent a bus with environmentally friendly 4 type, environmentally friendly type 5 luxury buses that meet the EU ** emission standards, body with blue and white as the main color, with 33 seats-55 seats to meet your different needs of passengers, Bus environment clean and comfortable, equipped with ** seat, oversized luggage compartment, compartment also has a bus air-conditioning system. Each bus is equipped with 1-2 high-definition LCD screen, multimedia technology to provide real-time video news and information, to bring the whole journey to enjoy the comfort of travelers. Http:// Clean and tidy car, ride comfort, honest and reliable driver, familiar with Shanghai and the surrounding cities roads and traffic routes. We will be happy to serve you Business Contact: Manager Liu 18616974448.

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