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The United States imported original GMC RV 7-seater


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2000 Pudong / 1800 Hongqiao 2000 Pudong / 1800 Hongqiao 1600 / 20KM 3000/2800 4200 yuan / day / 200KM

Super km 20 yuan / km ultra-hour 200 / hour

GMC (Chinese translation of Jim West) - GMC Division is the United States General Motors corporate car brand, unique fashion, luxurious, steady and domineering, every detail of which he Unique American design concept. The appearance of the tall, as the customer's superior social status, Zoran extraordinary. At the same time more seats and more space to bring more fun and glory journey. The entire car is 2-2-3 layout, the first two rows in the first class of independent aviation seats, the choice of Vinilla superior leather, support and comfort **, but also has electric massage heating and 360 ° rotation. Take the car door storage bag and decorative mahogany luxury has shown its intimate side, the windows installed a new all concealed folding curtains, to the passenger safe and private space. GMC RV is very satisfactory cab, center console equipped with Chinese-style dashboard, no fancy design, 尽显 its business character. Although there is no specially designed driver's seat will be hot and cold cup holder, car refrigerator, front and rear cabin intercom, etc. as the basic configuration, functional facilities are very comprehensive. The third row is an electric sofa bed, usually a standard three-seat, when needed, electric leveling, and electric pan around before and after, as a generous sofa bed, to meet your long-distance travel to fully rest needs. Security equipment, the new GMC Business Star with a full range of expertise, through active safety and passive safety protection to achieve the international five-star safety benchmark to ensure that the driver's driving confidence. At the same time equipped with automatic integration of ABS systems and EBD system of electronic body stability system, is created a new GMC sensitive and accurate neural system. Shanghai's car rental is specially selected for local tyrants Professional drivers at any time waiting for your visit, Tel 18616974448.

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