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    Elfa is a luxury MPV developed by Toyota that is enhanced with a Previa chassis. Powered by 2.4 liters and 3.0 liters two engines, four-wheel drive system are optional. Elfa's center console is extremely neat and symmetrical. The upper part is black, with wide mahogany trim in the middle and beige in the lower part. Coupled with the Taomu steering wheel and countless keys, the middle of the console touch DVD navigation machine, everything seems very pleasing to the eye, Alphard provides a 7 seat Which driver's seat with 8-way electric adjustment, with 3 memory function of the electric seat. *** Second-row seats with 4-way electric Ottoman First Class seats with three-way head restraints, separate armrests, armrest cup holders, versatile folding table, and backrest ** 78 degree elevation; 450mm slip length and height of the foot pad design. The first row and two rows of independent systems audio and video player, so that drivers and passengers can have exclusive audio and video master control, driving in the front seat using satellite navigation at the same time, the rear seat passengers can still enjoy audio-visual entertainment. Considering the problem of baggage placement, Alphard's third row of full three seats uses a side flip folding design to increase space flexibility. Other intimate car design, also includes a large double-headed windows, 4-section adjustable brightness LED ceiling lamp, three-zone independent thermostat with Plasmacluster air cleaner and pollen filter device. Anti-sliding on both sides of the sliding door, and can use the smart key remote control to open the sliding door and tailgate, Shanghai car rental recommended models Tel: 021-60907269

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