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  • Custom chartered service

    Custom chartered service

    Of the business services Permanent Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen or neighboring provinces and cities businesses, offices provide a wide range of vehicles, vehicles can be formulated according to business needs car program. For more information, senior reception customer service: 18616974448 Or the official website
  • Enterprise chartered car

    Enterprise chartered car

    Long-term car rentalA: set a car bookingStore booking: visit the car rental Co., Ltd. stores, stores assist staff to book, or direct rental car rental;Online booking: Please visit according to the website tips for booking;Telephone booking: Please call the car rental Limited 24-hour customer service center 400-888-1409, Shanghai users can call 021-60907269.Second, working hours:Store Service Hours: Service Hours: 8: 30-20: 30;Customer Service Hours: 24 hours a day  Three: charter price 1 with driving charter: (including drivers, the driver's wages according to customer needs a reasonable arrangement of online quotes include strong traffic insurance, commercial insurance, vehicle maintenance, vehicle use rights during the contract period, other costs do not include cross-bridge charges and Driver's meals, accommodation, driver overtime pay, etc., are not including tax, such as customer invoices to be an additional 6% of the cost. Rent models and prices, please contact customer service center 400-888-14092: self-driving chartered car: the online quotes include strong traffic insurance, commercial insurance, vehicle maintenance, vehicle use rights during the contract period, does not include all the travel costs during the contract period, according to the terms of the rental contract, handle the corresponding Car rental procedures, rental models and quotations, please contact customer service center 400-888-1409    Four: driver benefitsDrivers work five days a week, working 9 hours a day (due to work requirements can be agreed on the driver commuting time and rest days) driver's meal costs occur at 12 noon and 5 pm, the customer is responsible for drivers meal subsidy, or subsidies Meal costs 20 yuan / meal. Exceed the working hours after the subsidy (working day subsidies 20 yuan / hour, rest day subsidies 30 yuan / hour. Holiday subsidies 40 yuan / hour. Driver on business trips or cross-market work, the client should arrange for drivers safe and hygienic Budget hotel accommodation or by 200 yuan / night standard payment of accommodation costs.Five, car rental qualifications:Those who have full capacity for civil conduct, socially unhealthy records, provide true identity (if necessary, provide a valid identity card: ID card, passport holders and temporary residence permits in China), you can enjoy the service.By car: above 18 years of age (inclusive), with valid "two cards and one card" that is valid for more than three months driving license (positive, a copy of the need to bring together and hold A, B customers need to present the same year the body of the annual inspection Condition certificate receipt), my second generation ID card, a valid credit card with sufficient credit limit, or a full bank savings card; if my credit limit or deposit is insufficient, allow others to guarantee or pay on behalf of the sponsor must be present and Sign on with the charterer on the rental car or checkout slip. If there is a refund, the refund will be made on the charterer's side and the charterer must leave a refund bank account.Car rental on behalf of: Car rental launch "convenient on behalf of driving" service, the procedure is very simple, signed contracts with the need to pay part of the deposit (provided credit card) can rent your favorite vehicles.Six: business staff pick up the shuttle sooner or later, to inquire 18616974448 Manager Liu
  • Holiday out of the charter

    Holiday out of the charter

     New Year friends ~ ~ Put on the official fresh new clothes to eat New Year's Eve, New Year! But still want to squeeze the bus in the whistling cold? Or grab a taxi? If you want the whole family together, a taxi can not sit down and how to do? Come up to rent a car 18616974448 or online book a car.    Tourism is the enjoyment of this. However, the unchanging mode and the stereotyped lines of traditional tourism have become the focus of tourists' complaints. The market needs innovative tourism products that are more suitable for Chinese people. Subversion of traditional tourism has become a necessity. As people travelKnowledge of the constant maturity and improvement of the tourism market, travel agencies often can not play according to their own wishes and interests of the role of positioning must also change, from "providing products" to "provide services" into the era of travel into the travel agency, Tourist's self-intentionKnowledge will be more and more respected and satisfied. "This is a manifestation of the maturity of the tourism market,". Of the car to provide a variety of car rental car rental, 5 -55 vehicles and a variety of professional travel drivers for your entire free guide, intimate like a friend to accompanyYou play, the car rental travel customer service to your professional travel advice and including air tickets, attractions, the hotel booking details hotline: 021-60907269
  • Proximity to the city

    Proximity to the city

    Inter-city car rentalShanghai to Zhejiang car rental, chartered - Shanghai car rentalcityShanghai / Hongqiao Airport (one way)Pudong / Pudong Airport (one way)PassatBuick businessAudi A6LPassatBuick businessAudi A6LHangzhou¥ 1200¥ 1300¥ 2000¥ 1300¥ 1400¥ 2100Xiaoshan Airport¥ 1250¥ 1400¥ 2100¥ 1350¥ 1500¥ 2150Ningbo¥ 1500¥ 1600¥ 2500¥ 1550¥ 1700¥ 2600Ningbo Airport¥ 1550¥ 1700¥ 2550¥ 1600¥ 1750¥ 2650Huzhou¥ 1200¥ 1250¥ 2000¥ 1300¥ 1350¥ 2100Jiaxing¥ 900¥ 1000¥ 1750¥ 1000¥ 1050¥ 1850Jiashan¥ 800¥ 850¥ 1650¥ 900¥ 950¥ 1750Jinhua¥ 1900¥ 1950¥ 3600¥ 2000¥ 2050¥ 3700Taizhou¥ 2000¥ 2050¥ 3700¥ 2100¥ 2150¥ 3800Wenzhou¥ 3000¥ 3050¥ 5000¥ 3100¥ 3150¥ 5100Yiwu¥ 1900¥ 1950¥ 3600¥ 2000¥ 2050¥ 3700Haining¥ 900¥ 950¥ 1750¥ 1000¥ 1050¥ 1850Yuyao¥ 1200¥ 1250¥ 2000¥ 1300¥ 1350¥ 2100Shaoxing¥ 1250¥ 1300¥ 2100¥ 1350¥ 1450¥ 2150Cixi¥ 1200¥ 1250¥ 2000¥ 1300¥ 1350¥ 2100Wenling¥ 2500¥ 2550¥ 4500¥ 2600¥ 2530¥ 4600Fuyang¥ 1500¥ 1550¥ 2800¥ 1600¥ 1650¥ 2900Xiangshan¥ 2100¥ 2150¥ 3800¥ 2200¥ 2250¥ 3900Fenghua¥ 1600¥ 1650¥ 2600¥ 1700¥ 1750¥ 2700Putuoshan¥ 2350¥ 2400¥ 4000¥ 2450¥ 2500¥ 4100Thousand Island Lake¥ 2200¥ 2250¥ 3500¥ 2300¥ 2350¥ 3600Grand Canyon¥ 1900¥ 1950¥ 3100¥ 2000¥ 2050¥ 3200Moganshan¥ 1250¥ 1300¥ 2100¥ 1350¥ 1450¥ 2150Wuzhen¥ 1000¥ 1050¥ 1700¥ 1100¥ 1150¥ 1800Xitang¥ 800¥ 850¥ 1650¥ 900¥ 950¥ 17501, the booking method can be: WeChat 18616974448; company website Fax: 021-60907269Other models, please call sales customer service 18616974448Description:1.The above price is the driving oil package price, the price includes the driver's salary, the vehicle pure rent, the fuel cost; the bridge toll; 2. One-way business on the day to send the customer one way to the destination, namely the end; 1 day short-term business, the driver daily work for 9 hours, including lunch hours 1 hour, the driver the latest work day end time shall not exceed 22 points; such as overtime phenomenon, according to the Shanghai city with driving short rental overtime charge ;3. leasing more than 2 days leasing business, inter-city car rental price standard calculation: 9 hours 120 kilometers, according to the booking model, set the car shall prevail; urban areas calculated in accordance with the city car rental price: 8 hours 100 km , According to the booking model, set the car to prevail;4. If you need to stay overnight, you are required to pay driver's accommodation and meals directly (250 yuan per day) and business trip allowance of 50 yuan per night.Shanghai Pudong, Hongqiao Airport Shuttle: 021-60907269 Night 021-34675902 24-hour service 18616974448
  • Business chartered

    Business chartered

    Have you ever had such confusion? To entertain relatives or friends or business guests can not be determined in advance itinerary? Fear of the car rental company is not good for your VIP, our car rental charter service not only provides 24/7 serviceService, experienced drivers can also provide you with the city, the suburbs of the various major tourist routes and restaurant information, make your travel easier and more convenient. Companies are contract drivers, both aged 30-50 years old, familiar with the road conditions in Shanghai and the surrounding cities, withHas a wealth of driving experience, vehicles are 3 years carAge, the company own 5-55 types of vehicles for you to choose from, the common models are: Volkswagen Passat, Audi A6L, Mercedes-Benz E / S-class sedan, Buick Business 7, luxury Toyota Coaster 14-23, imported GMC RV, Mercedes-Benz RV, 33-55 various types of bus detailed information on the company's Web site                                                Up to rental car service standards Get out of the car: 1 driver to ensure adequate rest, to avoid fatigue driving; 2 vehicle insurance to ensure good condition to do a good job of regular maintenance, the tire in good condition, 2. Needs to be provided, interior of the vehicle (spot shooting (eg driver's driving position, front passenger's seat, front passenger's back pocket, trunk, etc.)) and exterior picture, vehicle tire prints, driver and vehicle Photo of3 vehicles to maintain clean and tidy, body, seat no stains, used beverage cans clean up in a timely manner, the car without smoke and smell;4. Outgoing drivers need a white shirt, black trousers, dark socks and black shoes, summer short-sleeved white shirt can be winter with a simple dark suit jacket;5. Driver phone number during and after the car to ensure signal and power to ensure that at any time can contact;6. 15 minutes in advance to reach the agreed reception address passengers and text messages to inform passengers have arrived waiting, not to urge passengers7. The car is full of fuel, ETC balance is sufficient, do not have to refuel during the car, recharge. During the car: 1. breakfast do not eat heavy food taste to avoid excessive communication tone; more polite terms with the customer dialogue; 2. During the waiting period, the contact phone is portable and always pay attention and the signal power is sufficient. 3. When receiving the customer, take the initiative to provide assistance (baggage, switch the door, escalator) 4. Before driving with the customer to confirm the temperature inside the car is appropriate, confirm the car line, the navigation sound off (using Bluetooth), to remind customers to fasten their seat belts;5. Customers do not play mobile phones, mobile phones do not take pictures or videos (including waiting for traffic lights), do not play music and radio, do not receive calls and send and receive messages during driving;6. Do not take the initiative to chat with customers, do not disclose other customer information, protect the customer and the company's information security;7. After getting off the bus, stop nearby and take a rest to adjust and familiarize yourself with the next route to keep the phone connected. Do not smoke or litter in the no-smoking area in public places.8. drivers to solve their own meals, do not complain to customers that the meal is not timely, but can not allow customers to treat;9. With the customer visit the company or factory, take the initiative with the local factory or company staff parking arrangements, do not block access to traffic, affecting traffic.10. Follow the traffic rules while driving, keep the uniform speed, avoid the emergency brake and provide a more comfortable and safe car experience.11. There are any special circumstances during the car (such as traffic accidents, temporary changes, etc.), the first contact with the company scheduling contact, inform the situation, with the adjustment, do not delay the customer trips;12. Do not urge customers, if personal reasons, please contact the company to help coordinate the process of scheduling, must not communicate with the passengers in advance coordination.End of the car:1. Do not inquire about any information to customers; 2. Remind customers to carry their own and company's items to help customers check whether the omission; Set car hotline: 021-60907269 Company complaints hotline: 021 -34,675,902 Business Manager: Mr. Liu 18616974448 Website:
  • Business meeting transfer

    Business meeting transfer

    When you come to the city, or suburban to attend ** business and academic meetings, will not find a parking place and trouble? As long as the phone or online booking, business services will reach you in time to the designated location.
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