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Long-term car rental

Up to a wide range of car rental business services, driving by car, 5 to 55 models car charter business for enterprises or large multinational corporations to provide long chartered business, but also based on the nature of corporate car made professional car recommendations, Rational allocation of resources in the car, and up to rent a car to provide professional driver management, convenience, service and thoughtful.

A: set a car booking

Store booking: visit Shanghai's car rental Co., Ltd. stores, stores assist staff to book, or direct rental car rental;

Online booking: Please visit according to the website tips for booking;

Telephone booking: Please call the car rental Co., Ltd. 24-hour customer service center 021-60907269 Night users can call 021-34675902.

Second, working hours:

Store Service Hours: Service Hours: 8: 30-20: 30;

Customer Service Hours: 24 hours a day

  Three: charter price

 1 with driving charter: (including drivers, the driver's wages according to customer needs a reasonable arrangement of online quotes include strong traffic insurance, commercial insurance, vehicle maintenance, vehicle use rights during the contract period, other costs do not include cross-bridge charges and Driver's meals, accommodation, drivers overtime pay, etc., are not including tax, such as customer invoices to be an additional 6% of the cost. Rent models and pricing, please contact customer service center 021-60907269

2: self-driving chartered car: the online quotes include strong traffic insurance, commercial insurance, vehicle maintenance, vehicle use rights during the contract period, does not include all the travel costs during the car contract, according to the terms of the signed car rental contract, handle the corresponding Car rental procedures, rental models and quotations, please contact customer service center 021-60907269

    Four: driver benefits

Driver working five days a week, working 9 hours a day, (due to work requirements can be agreed driver commuting time and rest days) driver's meal costs at 12 noon and 6 pm, the customer is responsible for drivers meal subsidy, or subsidies Meal costs 20 yuan / meal. Exceed the working hours after the subsidy (working day subsidies 20 yuan / hour, rest day subsidies 30 yuan / hour. Holiday subsidies 40 yuan / hour. Driver on business trips or cross-market work, the client should arrange for drivers safe and hygienic Budget hotel accommodation or by 200 yuan / night standard payment of accommodation costs.

Five, car rental qualifications:

Those who have full capacity for civil conduct, socially unhealthy records, provide true identity (if necessary, provide a valid identity card: ID card, passport holders and temporary residence permits in China), you can enjoy the service.

By car: above 18 years of age (inclusive), with valid "two cards and one card" that is valid for more than three months driving license (positive, a copy of the need to bring together and hold A, B customers need to present the same year the body of the annual inspection Condition certificate receipt), my second generation ID card, a valid credit card with sufficient credit limit, or a full bank savings card; if my credit limit or deposit is insufficient, allow others to guarantee or pay on behalf of the sponsor must be present and Sign on with the charterer on the rental car or checkout slip. If there is a refund, the refund will be made on the charterer's side and the charterer must leave a refund bank account.

Car rental on behalf of: Car rental launch "convenient on behalf of driving" service, the procedure is very simple, signed contracts with the need to pay part of the deposit (provided credit card) can rent your favorite vehicles.

Six: business staff pick up the bus sooner or later, to inquire 18616974448 Manager Liu

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