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    Run a trip

     one. Run a trip (point to point shuttle, car rental) Up to renting cars need inter-city dispatching vehicles, with special discounted prices, within a limited time limit the mileage paid passengers rented from the city to the designated point-to-point shuttle service, the car is defined as a run service.two. Booking rules  Landing car official website online booking;   Can call the car rental customer service phone 021-60907269 phone book;1 .: An online payment or telephone bank must be used to transfer the deposit equal to the pre-ordered "run" price. 2. With a free car waiting for 15 minutes (free airport transfer service waiting 1 hour), customers need to use the booking on the train!three. Point to point shuttle  1 day in advance can be scheduled to "run a trip", point-to-point transfer scheduled car 4 hours before the car can be changed or canceled car rental car is not an additional fee,four. Car rental   By hour transfer service: service time is ** 2 hours (including waiting time), overtime hours within 1 hour overtime charge, more than 1 hour by half day rent. (Service time for the guests agreed to get off time). For details, call 24-hour customer service 18616974448 consultation.  When the car rental fee: less than 30 minutes overtime excluding overtime, more than 30 minutes per hour charge.  With driving business bookings in 8: 30-19: 30 in advance 4 hours; customer service staff within half an hour during working hours to mobile phone communication, text messages and messages to confirm the way the site reply.Fives. Precautions    Set a single day and pay the deposit after the cancellation as non-defamation deposit is not refundable;     During the car by the designated travel car, but exceeding the rent, beyond the mileage, the excess part of the normal car rental settlement;    Car by car during the scheduled travel, such as temporary car travel changes, please call customer service call 021-60907269    Where renting "running a trip" "car rental" during the bridge tolls, parking fees and other expenses borne by the car rental customers;    Where renting "running a trip" car accident during the accident, all the losses up to the car rental commitment Sixth, order changes:   Of the car rental Co., Ltd. will be reserved for customers booking vehicles, if for special reasons can not be provided to the customer booking the original model, will have the right to adjust the same level models, or free upgrades for customers models; special circumstances can not fulfill orders There's up to car rental there   Limited will notify customers in advance;   Customer needs to modify or cancel the order, please at least 4 working hours before the scheduled car (boarding time) call customer service center;          The interpretation of this activity belongs to the Shanghai Automotive Leasing Co., Ltd. all the specific details of 18616974448
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