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    1. product manual:To the airport as a starting point or destination, to the local city has opened within the point-to-point access / delivery, stopover on behalf of the one-way car rental service.2. Cost Description:  1) Baseline Fee: Includes vehicle rental, on-street expenses, fuel costs, airport and downtown expressway within point-to-point itinerary  2) waiting for a fee: half-way car waiting time more than thirty minutes or more, according to 80 yuan / hour waiting fee.  3) night service fee: night service starts at 23:00, where the time on the train from 23:00 to 7:00 the next day, according to 35 yuan / single charge night service fee.  4) Registration fee: According to customer requirements pick the card, free.  5) Site Service Fees: If you increase the site while driving or have the same place of departure or destination for the same administrative area, you will be charged a service charge of 50 Yuan / point for each extra point; for every additional 1 point crossing the administrative area, 100 yuan / point site service fee.    Note: If the flight is delayed and can not be on the car for the scheduled time for getting on the car, please inform the driver or Shanghai Car Rental Customer Service Hotline 021-60907269, we will wait for you for free. If you fail to contact our driver / customer service hotline or our driver / customer service personnel can not contact us, the driver will wait for 2 hours free of charge. After 2 hours, the driver will not wait any longer. The transfer fee will be charged on the full bill .3. Service ProcessService Booking (400 Phone, Store, Website) → Order Confirmation → Prepaid Charge / Order Valid → SMS Notification / Service Use → Service Confirmation / Charge Settlement → Issuance (Mail) Invoice / Service Evaluation4. Booking rulesThe tenant needs to book in advance and prepay the service fee on time to ensure a successful reservation. Up to a car rental commitment airport at any time up to customers 021-60907269. 18616974448 set car 20 minutes to reach the designated terminal waiting for the terminal.5. Payment advance route:  1) Pay by phone bank: The credit card lender, who can call Car Reservation Center at 021-60907269 for phone pre-authorization or advance payment.  2) Use online banking to pay: Shanghai's car rental support all kinds of bank cards that have been opened online payment function, the lessee can get online payment through the website of  3) POS machine payment: the lessee can reach any car rental credit card pre-authorized or prepaid  4) Use points or vouchers to pay.Above, ** car rental confirmed models, the order can take effect.6. Order modification / cancellation   1) After the order takes effect, the order is amended / canceled before the scheduled service start due to the tenant:    ①. From the agreed service start time more than 4 hours to modify / cancel the order, the prepaid service fee in full refund;    ②. From the agreed service start time within 4 hours (inclusive) to modify / cancel the order, as the lessee default, deducted 100 yuan as liquidated damages, the remaining prepaid service fee refund.   2) After the order takes effect, Shanghai's car rental due to special reasons can not fulfill the order:    ①. Cancel the order more than 4 hours before the scheduled service start time, ** rent a car in full and refund the service fee prepaid by the lessee;    ②. If the customer cancels the order within 4 hours (inclusive) of the agreed service start date, he / she will be deemed to have violated the car rental contract by paying a full refund of the service fee prepaid by the lessee, and will be entitled to pay 100 RMB electronic voucher as liquidated damages.7. Service waitingAfter the order takes effect, the longest waiting time for the service is within 2 hours of booking with the tenant. Because the lessee did not appear in the longest waiting time, as the lessee has enjoyed the service, charge prepaid service fee.8. The cost of settlement  1) Before the end of the service, the lessee and the driver confirm the payment amount and sign on the "daily confirmation slip".9. Refund instructions  1) Due to changes in orders, cancellations and other reasons to be thawed or returned to the lessee costs, up to rent a car by the following way to refund:    ① pre-authorized by credit card, up to rent a car will be thawed part of the pre-authorized to be refunded.    ② POS machine to pay, up to rent a car to pay the card to return the cost.    ③ points or vouchers to pay, up to rent a car points or e-coupons back to the points system.    ④ other ways, up to rent a car will be the lessee designated account refund refund.  2) Refunds due to the lessee, the commission fees involved in the refund will be borne by the lessee, thaw or refund cycle by the payment method, the credit card issuing bank and other factors, the process of up to about 3 months.10. The rights and obligations of both parties  1) The lessor to ensure that the rental vehicle has legal qualifications, insurance and licenses complete.  2) The lessor ensures the cleanliness, performance and vehicle safety of the leased vehicle.  3) The lessor driver must have a valid driver's license and good driving skills and experience.  4) The lessor driver should strictly abide by traffic regulations to ensure driving safety and provide quality and safe service within the scope of the contract as required by the lessee.  5) The lessee shall not compel the driver to engage in illegal driving (including but not limited to violation of traffic laws and regulations, overloading or carrying inflammable and explosive materials, etc.). Do not force the driver to drive in dangerous weather or on the road. Otherwise, all liabilities and losses arising therefrom shall be borne by the Lessee.11. take responsibility  1) During the lease period, all responsibility is borne by the lessor due to the loss of personnel and property caused by vehicle's illegal driving, vehicle breakdown or vehicle accident. (However, the lessee has fault, according to the degree of fault and the lessor reasonable share).  2) Significant changes in government policies, force majeure and losses that can not be attributed to the responsibility shall be settled jointly by the lessor and lessee in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations and the principle of fairness.12. other  1) Terms of Service This section describes the commonly used driving vehicles such as passenger cars, commercial vehicles and SUVs. The differences between the confirmation of booking and the cancelation of reservations are separately confirmed at the time of booking.  2) The lessee promises that the tenant contact information stated in the "daily confirmation form" is deemed to be the lessee's receipt after it has fulfilled its obligation of notification in an effective way by telephone, email or postal delivery Says.  3) All disputes concerning the contract shall be settled through negotiation by both parties; if negotiation fails, either party may sue to the people's court where the lessor is located.
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